Ice Cream Factory

Our Factory

Ice Cream Factory

Our modern factory is situated in Lancaster Square within the walls of the Medieval town of Conwy.

Here is a quick insight into how we make our ice cream.

inside our factory

Stage 1

Ingredients including whole milk, double cream and sugar are heated up to a temperature of 72° centigrade then cooled rapidly to below 7° centigrade.

This pasteurising process ensures that the liquid mix is correctly heat treated to satisfy legal requirements and to ensure quality of the final product.
stage 2

Stage 2

After the mix has been allowed to age, it is poured from the storage vat into a ten litre stainless steel bucket.
stage 3

Stage 3

Flavourings are added to the base mix...
stage 4

Stage 4

The ice cream mix is churned in the refrigerated barrel of the batch freezer...
stage 5

Stage 5

...and minutes later freshly made ice cream is ready to be put into containers.
stage 6

Stage 6

At this point any ripples or inclusions are added and the finished product is then put into a freezer for storage before being distributed via a freezer van.